10 Easy Weight Loss Tips

Affiliate Program ”Get Money from your Website”1. Stop Drinking Soft Drinks

Each soft drink is 150 empty calories. Replacing just one soft drink per day with water will result in losing 16 lbs per year.

2. Keep Yourself Busy

When there is nothing to do, we reach for the food out of boredom. Staying busy with other activities will help to keep your mind off food.

3. Get Rid Of Tempting Foods

We all have foods that we can’t resist. Knowing that, it’s best to not have those foods around the house. Out of sight, out of mind.

4. Watch Your Portions

How much you eat is just as important as what you eat. If an average person starts eating just 10% less, he will lose about 20 lbs per year without changing his diet.

5. Think Of Calories In Terms Of Exercise

You have to do the whole hour of aerobics to burn off the 500 calories contained in a big piece of cheesecake. What is easier for you: exercising for 1 hour or not eating the cheesecake?

6. Take A Pause

Next time when you are about to eat something you shouldn’t, pause for a couple of seconds and ask yourself -“Is It Worth It?” If the answer is “Yes”, go ahead and indulge. If the answer is “No”, step back and congratulate yourself for taking that pause.

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7. Eat Slowly

It takes our brain about 20 minutes to realize that we are full. When you eat too fast, there is not enough time for the “full” feeling to register, so you’d end up literally stuffing yourself with food.

8. Don’t Skip Meals

When you skip a meal, you get way too hungry. When you are too hungry, you won’t be able to control yourself at the next meal. As a result, you’ll end up eating more than 2 meals worth of calories.

9. Plan Your Meals

Try to plan your meals in advance. Not knowing what you are going to eat will send you right to the fast food joint.

10. Do Everyday Physical Activities

Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Park your car at the far end of the parking lot. All those activities add up. Walking briskly for 15 minutes per day will help you lose an extra 10 lbs per year.

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