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10 Steps to New Life

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Have you ever felt anger or a sense of loss for having spent years taking care of others instead of honoring your core self–your true essence–by becoming all that you can be? Do you regret spending money unwisely in the past? Feel sad about relationships that held the promise of gold but never panned out?

Everyone has unfinished business, and we know from mind-body studies and quantum physics that old anger, grief, resentment and fear that is energetically entangled in the body-mind projects into our lives and defines our present and future.

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The good news is that each of us will have many opportunities to repair the past, since errors in judgment or deed must be resolved or repeated until the song is well sung, the job correctly done.

It’s easy to resolve known patterns. If you feel robbed of time in days gone by, for example, you can give yourself the gift of time now. A few hours a week spent doing what makes you happy will improve the quality of your life and put an end to stressful inner complaints like, “There’s never enough time for me to do what I want to do!”

Inner messages are a cry for attention, so once you’ve heard the message it will stop and so will the stress produced by it. The Mad Hatter in you (from Alice in Wonderland), who always says, “I can’t stop. I don’t have time. I’m in a hurry” will sit down, relax and make friends with the grinning Cheshire cat.

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The words “I can’t” will drop out of your vocabulary and you will accomplish whatever you yearn to do. Go ahead: walk your yellow brick road to happiness! (That’s another story.)

If you feel guilt or shame over unwisely spent money or resources, just watch the flow of energy through your life, use it wisely and consciously change your attitude about yourself.

The same goes for relationships: cherish the people you love, be kind and know that you are now doing–and have always done–the best that you can. The idea is to listen to the repetitive thoughts flowing through your mind and address each discordant message or feeling with antidotal actions. This mindfulness will transform destructive thought patterns into positive appreciation of yourself and your life.
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Healing with light and sound

If you are experiencing grief or sorrow and know its source, you can release the past by doing one or more of the following:

1) Allow love to resolve the pain. Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and bring the memory to mind. Breathe in and circulate love and light through your heart, mind, body and soul. See and feel this love and light, allowing it to cleanse and release the pain and its entrenchment. Take your time. Breathe light until you feel a sense of completion. - Great Seats for Less!

2) At any time of night or day, whether at work or in meditation, simply ask in the depths of your being for healing, state what wants to be healed, and trust that it will be done.

3) In some quiet situation, staying aware that this is a sacred act, envision your soul taking your heart in hand and saying to it: “I relieve and release your hurt, that you may be set free.”

In these ceremonies we ask the soul-self to apply the energies of love to the wound and return it to its rightful place as part of the harmonic whole. If there is no inner resistance to healing, your pain and its pattern will resolve.

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Break on through to the other side

If you feel resistance and sense that the problem is not healed, then you might want to conduct an inner dialogue. Just pick up pen and paper, retire to a quiet space and ask yourself, “What within me needs healing?” Wait patiently for your heart, mind or soul to speak to you in words, a symbolic image, a feeling or a sense of knowing.

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If you get no answer or one that is not immediately helpful, ask your ego if it is resisting this process. If so, it will explain why. Ask what is the positive purpose of its resistance, and if it evades the question or gives you an answer that is not a positive purpose (like “Because I don’t think you know what you’re doing”), explain that you are asking for its cooperation right now. You want to know why it is blocking you, when you want to help all parts of your self work together for your highest good.

Eventually, when your ego sees the sense in this, it will release its resistance and tell you why it is holding on to old thought patterns and/or negative feelings. You can simply assure it that this protection is no longer needed, now that you understand its positive purpose, and you can put in place a new behavior pattern so that your ego can let down its guard.

The ego really does have a positive purpose, and that is to defend and protect you. It’s perfectly happy to take a vacation if some other part does the job while it’s away and it is especially deferential to the heart. If your heart has something to say in this process, listen respectfully and address whatever concerns come up. The lower heart works with your mind, and the higher heart works with your soul. Webhotel Р3000MB for kun 11,25 kr/md. Se mere p̴

Manifesting the life you want

Once you have healed and/or transformed an old pattern, it’s time to replace it with new thinking and behaviors. Decide what these will be before using the seven manifestation principles below.

If you considered yourself a poor financier, you could use these seven principles to further heal that self-concept by manifesting money. If you have used light to heal anger or grief over a past relationship, you can use these principles to attract the partner you want. But first, do some inner work to decide whether you are ready for a partner or friend. Then define exactly what you want so that you attract your dream and not your worst nightmare. Be careful, because this works!

Use the same techniques of self-inquiry to determine your needs and desires. Simply pick up pen and paper, and ask your inner teacher, your soul-self, to give you insight into what is good and right for you. This way you will start out on the right track and geometrically multiply your chances of getting what you ask for.

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By using this “soul-searching” technique, you will be doing exactly what you’ve come here to do: know yourself as soul so that your soul can guide you into all that you can be.

With these seven principles of manifestation you are wielding your power of intention to bring a higher, more positive frequency of vibration into your being. You will animate more than self-healing, prosperity and your psychic gifts by tapping into the infinitely powerful light of Love. In surrender to the Light, you will become the captain of your ship, the master of your soul.

Once you have healed what you’re aware of (steps 1-3) and you and your soul define your next best steps, it’s time to walk in the Light of your new life.

4) OPEN AND SURRENDER. In the depths of your being, declare that you are open and receptive to all good that comes your way, which statement clears a path to “this or something better.” If you are going to ask for a terrific job, you might not get promoted at your present work; instead, you might lose that job and get one that better suits your abilities and destiny. So it’s important not to focus on a prescriptive outcome, but to open all doors to your highest good.

5) FOCUS ON YOUR INNER BEING. Bring into your mind exactly what you want and need in your life. If you seek within and find a need for comfort, pray for comfort and it will appear in dreams, solace from others and synchronicity leading to the right person, book or study group. If it is money or a life-partner that you want, then prepare for the change that is coming. Since you are shifting physical reality, expect and accept the inevitability of change. See and sense it so that you don’t panic in the middle of the stream and resist your coming good.

6) SEE THE DIRECTION OF FLOW. Double-check to make sure that you are working in accord with every aspect of your being. Where attention goes, energy flows, so make sure your energetic stream is flowing in the direction that’s right for you. See the big picture.

7) BELIEVE WHAT YOU CONCEIVE. Once your desired outcome is firmly in mind, write it down feelingly so that it animates the power of your heart. Be sure that your affirmation is credible. If you write, “I’m in receipt of $5 million right now,” your logic will reject this as improbable. If it’s money that you want, decide what you need in order to accomplish your goals and declare that this sum is making its way to you. You have to be able to believe what you conceive.

8) CRAFT YOUR WISH. Create symbolic representations of your heart’s desire to energize it. You can draw your own images or cut out colorful, vibrant pictures from magazines. Place these images and your written affirmations where you will see them often, such as a bathroom mirror, refrigerator or computer screen, or all three! You could also create a poster of any size and dress it up with glitter, slogans or anything else that appeals to you. The more energy you put into your images and words, the quicker your results. Desire propels intention, so let your feelings and thoughts empower what you want to manifest, knowing that what you seek is on its way to you.

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Some of these manifestation principles are taught in a 12-week course that I’ve taken repeatedly, called “The 4-T Principles of Prosperity,” by the late, great Unity teacher Stretton Smith. Story is a wonderful source of encouragement in this program, so I’ll share one of my stories with you.

Several years ago, I pasted a big picture of a cruise ship on a poster-board and taped the poster on the inside door of my meditation room. Upon moving house, I hung it up on the door of my new meditation room, but paid no attention to it and only a few months ago restated my wish to teach on a paid-for cruise. After seeing the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?!” I went into meditation, wrote three powerful affirmations and voiced them often over the past few months.

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One of these affirmations was: “My heart is filled with love which pours out of me to the world and returns in financial rewards and exciting opportunities to heal and be healed.” Not only was I soon invited, out of the blue, to lead an Oct. 4-12 Flow of Intuition cruise to the Caribbean–join us!–as you can see from this newsletter, I suddenly find myself exorcising “ghosts” from my past while, by no coincidence, beginning to heal others through brainwave biofeedback training.

In my affirmation, I asked for exactly what my soul-self wanted and needed, but preferred to be open enough to receive unforeseen possibilities. These arrived quickly as I reinvested energy in them.

9) AMP UP THE VOLTAGE. If you have an open-minded friend, ask him or her to get together with you by phone or in person to support your goals. It’s best for your friend to paraphrase your affirmation with his/her own feelings, as in “I see hundred dollar bills drifting down all around you, and you joyously gathering them up to pay for your shiny new red Toyota.” (Be specific, if you need to be.) Or, “I see and feel and know that the perfect partner is awakening to your inner beauty and sensing how to find you right now!” (Be non-specific, if you are able to surrender to divine right order.)

You will be amazed at the difference it makes to hear someone else share your dream(s)! Energy moves quickly when two or more are gathered together to manifest good. Gather all the supporters you can.

If you and your manifestation partners are open to the idea of prayer, it certainly helps to call on not just your power of mind, but also the power of Spirit. In this case, you could phrase your affirmation in affirmative prayer: “God rejoices in giving you a shiny new red car so you can travel to that perfect job and your life will be blessed and enriched. You deserve everything good in life, and the power of Spirit within you grows stronger moment by moment to attract the infinite power of Good.”

See how the energy amps up when we draw on the inter-dimensional energies of Spirit? If the word God evokes in you images of an angry, vengeful judge with a white beard, your partner can say, “God in you” or “The source of good within you” does this or that. It’s all the same. The God-energy doesn’t care about names. Webhosting – 3000MB Webbhotell endast 12 kr/mån. Läs mer på

10) BE JOYFUL, FAITHFUL AND PATIENT. Once you have amplified your affirmation, be assured that change is on its way. Watch for patterns and events foreshadowing this coming change and be patient as new beginnings take shape. You might get exactly what you asked to manifest, or what comes might be a prelude to the real thing.

No matter what, expect that your heart, mind and soul are co-creating with the power of Love and that this work is already underway. Be grateful, happy and even joyful that this power exists within and all around you, waiting for your love and faith to animate it. You will never be given a stumbling block, only a stepping stone, and each will take you exactly where your soul-self needs and wants to go.

If you find that these energies stir up old thoughts and emotions, just open up, release them and let Love carry away what you no longer need. Do this consciously and repeatedly, if necessary. Remember that you don’t have to get wrapped up in past events; you can simply observe them and love yourself for the excellent healing work that you are doing.

Happy new beginnings! By courageously moving into your past, you are emerging on the other side of it into an exciting new life. You, as Light, enliven and energize us all!

Judith Pennington is a writer, singer and coast-to-coast teacher of meditation and the evolution of human consciousness. She is the author of The Voice of the Soul, a compelling personal journey into meditative writing and the guiding wisdom of the soul. Visit her primary website,, to check for a workshop near you, read excerpts from her book and sign up for her free e-newsletter, “The Still, Small Voice,” and subscription e-zine, “OneWorld Spirit,” dedicated to art, beauty, truth, spiritual politics and global peace.

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What kind of foolishness is astrology? You read about Sun Signs in the paper and you can see almost every sign says something ambiguous or relevant in some general way. Surely no real science or serious people ever believed such foolishness. Yet all your heroes from the past were believers! Even Ronald Reagan and others of today order their lives according to astrological implications. I don’t and never have, but that is because I have studied the field in great depth. It isn’t just astrology that is at work or through which the forces interact with all life on the planet. The palm, the foot and the head or facial make-up can be read to see what effect may have determined some of how a person will approach life. The hand has all the astrological knowledge available ‘right in the palm of your’ as they say. The mount of the Moon and the girdle of Venus (should you be so lucky to have one) are there along with Saturnine and Mercurious deflected energy.

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The concepts of quantum physical or astrophysical ‘Dark Energy’ and ‘Dark Matter’ that are now proven to comprise 95% of all energy in the known universe have a lot of application in knowing how the lines or other physiogamy-related affects occur. The alchemical gradual build-up of impacts and energy over long periods of time in incremental fluctuation and cyclical change are involved. The advent of human knowledge of these emotional and physical changes that include the female menses aligned with the moon and tides; probably began when we were the evolutionary kin of porpoises who come from the wolf-like creatures who bayed and howled at the moon or during eclipses, huddled in caves. Man is capable of understanding the universe and he certainly needs to understand his own personal attributions and emotional or spiritual aspects and influences. Is it hard to imagine he might have some interior responses to the energy that surrounds him from the earth and the stars?

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When I told my father face-reading predicted he would die at the age of 65, I had no idea it would be so accurate. We put him in the arms of the cosmos one day after his 65th birthday and just two weeks after he had passed a complete medical in order to continue working past retirement. I stopped foretelling death after two other people of import in my life were able to hear about the hereafter from me before they died. I had told my father how to exercise control over the forces in order to allow Free Will to triumph. He was ready to go and died as he wanted but even more importantly – where he wanted. In the bosom of nature at our cottage on Lake Weslemkoon, while working on building the dock. You should see the dock my brother John built around the living shrine he feels this place where he and my father spent so many hours together, truly is. His wife thinks god died and went to Weslemkoon, I think.

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So sun signs have a place in the common culture of bars and other meeting places but what more is there to astrology. Sun signs are as important as rising signs and no more so. If the two are not of the same category such as earth, air, fire and water then they might operate in opposition to each other or take precedence according to other aspects such as planetary influences. The House your moon is in is almost as influential as the ‘sun sign’ and rising sign. It is of little value to read a newspaper horoscope unless you are a triple fire sign or triple water sign, etc. An ephemeral chart if you work one through by yourself will give you some depth insight to yourself that will amaze you. There are books developed to help you do this by sun sign, and it helps to know the time of day you were born. In Czechoslovakia during the 1960s medical astrology was used as effectively as any other birth control method and with less negative side effects or other difficulties. It probably sounds like ‘epistemological indeterminism’ to most who have little experience with psychic or psi effects. But we must remember our science and education is as biased against these things as previous social structures were biased for these things. Fortunately the people who have supported psychic reality have been vindicated and the soul might now be given some opportunity to grow and develop at some point. The event that was central to some scientific proof was the speed of light or its supposed absoluteness that science was wrong about. This happened in the last year at Princeton where they produced 300X the speed of light in a cesium chamber. Before that the work of Thomas Bearden had come close by providing predictable and replicable results.

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Now we expect to see more atheists and died in the wool ‘Toilet Philosophers’ or people who only live for the moment and themself, to start showing a little compassion and ‘Brotherhood’. It may take more time than humanity has on earth unfortunately. Frank Tipler is a Professor of Mathematical Physics at Tulane University who wrote The Physics of Immortality. He was a verifiable closed-minded atheist who proved the existence of God to his own satisfaction through purely scientific means. He still is without any great understanding of the psi sciences, or at least he was when he wrote this book in 1994. As long as people listen to ‘experts’ rather than their soul we are not likely to achieve the quantum leap of creative harmonic potential that Divine Providence allows. Webhosting – 3000MB Webbhotell endast 12 kr/mån. Läs mer på

What do you think about letting the stars determine our leaders? To some extent this was the case in New Grange and Crete. Venus was the anointing force in its heavenly cycle, and a new king was invested, by common consent of the people in both these Keltic domains that some historians would have you believe weren’t even in touch with each other. When Joseph Campbell saw the worn knee spots in the stone at New Grange and learned the event was the same in both places he saw the import of this most important common custom. It is possible that a person might be able to attune his soul to heavenly vibrations and thus act according to some higher wisdom.

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Astrological Remedies

As every science, there is theory and its proofing. A very long experience has proved theories and practical aspects of Indian astrology. Practical aspects are the predictions and the recommendations and these recommendations actually are the remedial aspect. In Indian astrology, first of all the horoscope is analyzed to see actually what is the cause of the problem? Planets govern human life. In the horoscope of a person if planet is malefic, badly situated, combust, retroget or weak in any way, this can be harmful and may ruin the persons life. To curtail this malefic effect and to make planets benefic, certain time-tested remedies are suggested in Indian astrology.

Only a competent astrologer must prescribe these astrological remedies to help and reduce the suffering of mankind since a wrong remedy may be harmful. Various astrological remedies are practiced described as below

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Gem Therapy

Yantra Therapy

Mantra Therapy

Rudraksha Therapy

Gem Thterapy In Indian astrology, there are nine main planets and nine gems are associated to them. These nine gems are known as Navratna. Their substitutes are also available. There are many theories to practice Gem therapy but mainly Gem therapy is used to strengthen the planet whose role in the oroscope is positive but it is weak. In Ayurveda powder extract of gems are used to cure many diseases.

Yantra Therapy this is very complex subject. There are different kinds of energy fields associated to different Gods. A yantra is visual representation of an energy field. These are of two-type (1) numerical yantra (2) geometrical yantra. Different yantras are used for different purposes. The yantra must be powered by mantras so that they can be used to please a god. These different energies or yantra have different powers to serve some special purposes as to win a court case, be successful in a business or carrier, to get name and fame, etc.

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Mantra Therapy In Indian astrology, Mantras are used basically for two purpose. (1) To curtail malefic effects of the planets and make them benevolent. (2) To please the presiding God of a planet for example God Hanuman Ji for Mars, God Vishnu Ji for Mercury etc. mantras are the means to connect us to god. Mantra must be recited in a specified no of times to get a desired effect and must be learnt from a person who knows the wordings, melodies and other essential elements of mantras.

Rudraksha Therapy In Hindu belief, the origin of rudraksha is from the tears of God Rudra, God Shiv Ji. God Shiv Ji wears rudraksha in his hairs, neck, hands even in his ears. Rudraksha heals many diseases like high blood pressure, jaundice, indigestion, disease pertaining to respiratory system, fevers and many other diseases. Rudraksha therapy is used in two ways.

We can wear it as a mala or string in the neck. Wearing mala would provide us its medicional properties plus it would curtail malefic effects of bad spirits. Secondly we can take its powder extract as Ayurvedic medicine. Webhotel Р3000MB for kun 11,25 kr/md. Se mere p̴

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